amharic mezmur orthodox the best ethiopian habesha God mezmur song music Zerfe Kebede Amesegenuh Kenferoche Spiritual.
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  • ethiopiansolja 8 years ago

    Oh thank you very much for ur comment. I did that so people would find it
    easily when they search for mezmur. I didn’t mean to praise the artists
    rather than praising God.

  • jordinfabelous 8 years ago

    nice mezmur

  • metylove1 8 years ago

    May god bless you god give u good voice please don’t stop keep on do what u
    do ok my sister god be with you bless you

  • jetaime1982 8 years ago

    realy i feel from my hear these mezmur god blass you

  • Dawit Baggio 8 years ago

    omg best best mezmur GOD BLESS OUR RELIGEON

  • kiduel 8 years ago

    good answer

  • Sendek Alama 8 years ago

    Ayy kiduel, You agreed with a protestants response. This shows your true
    color. Ayy Yesew Neger, Yetedebeqe Maninetu Sayasibew Naw Biq Yemilew Eko

  • ritabz 8 years ago

    love it…geta nuw redate!!

  • alfanomegan 8 years ago

    god bless u zerfe, life changing song.

  • mikaelhanna 7 years ago

    thank you for posting this vid. if anyone can add the lyrics would be
    lovely… i really love this mezmur… God have mercy on us all

  • PraiseJahRasta 6 years ago

    Good people, can someone explain to me the meaning of “Amesegenuh
    Kenferoch”thanks and God bless

  • 222selu 6 years ago

    zerfe you have blessed voise please more mezmur

  • fit-ufo 6 years ago

    Thank you for uploading! It is a beautiful song…

  • frita2011 6 years ago

    nice mezmur, God bless you zerfie

  • Lidia ♡ 6 years ago

    awesome (*_ *) thumbs up that was great

  • wmichaelgsh 6 years ago

    you are rent-seek b/c you might be sponging to get money but not learn the
    people It is like dance but orthodox is best ,so it is out of this!

  • Haimy A 6 years ago

    @Qu3enz WOW! Cursing and insulting someone’s faith is the way to heaven.
    “Judge not, and you shall not be judged; condemn not, and you shall not be
    condemned; pardon, and you shall be pardoned.” That’s what my Tawaheldo
    faith teaches me, I don’t know may be you read the Holy Bible upside down.

  • hailkid3262 5 years ago

    May the one and only powerful GOD bless the person who uploaded this
    awesome song and may GOD HELP all of you to Stay out of trouble

  • senaygeb 5 years ago

    Nice mezmur

  • bhaile82 5 years ago


  • Liya Berekat 3 years ago

    Kale hiwet yasemlin

  • Andy Asefa 3 years ago

    Yes yes he change your life. This beautiful song. Please God bless you

  • Andy Asefa 3 years ago

    Yes yes he change your life. This beautiful song. Please God bless you

  • Zeru Fesshaye 3 years ago

    I’m not good in Amharic but all yr songs understand me.I really love yr
    mezmur,keep going.GOD BLESS U

  • matiwos mehari 3 years ago

    just keep it up!! brilliant zefie