The Best Orthodox Mezmur by Zerfe Kebede

amharic mezmur orthodox the best ethiopian habesha God mezmur song music Zerfe Kebede Amesegenuh Kenferoche Spiritual.
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  1. Oh thank you very much for ur comment. I did that so people would find it
    easily when they search for mezmur. I didn’t mean to praise the artists
    rather than praising God.

  2. May god bless you god give u good voice please don’t stop keep on do what u
    do ok my sister god be with you bless you

  3. Ayy kiduel, You agreed with a protestants response. This shows your true
    color. Ayy Yesew Neger, Yetedebeqe Maninetu Sayasibew Naw Biq Yemilew Eko

  4. thank you for posting this vid. if anyone can add the lyrics would be
    lovely… i really love this mezmur… God have mercy on us all

  5. you are rent-seek b/c you might be sponging to get money but not learn the
    people It is like dance but orthodox is best ,so it is out of this!

  6. @Qu3enz WOW! Cursing and insulting someone’s faith is the way to heaven.
    “Judge not, and you shall not be judged; condemn not, and you shall not be
    condemned; pardon, and you shall be pardoned.” That’s what my Tawaheldo
    faith teaches me, I don’t know may be you read the Holy Bible upside down.

  7. May the one and only powerful GOD bless the person who uploaded this
    awesome song and may GOD HELP all of you to Stay out of trouble

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