New orthodox mezmur hayl u amlakeyሓያል ዩ ኣምላኸይ

በስመ አብ ወወልድ ወመንፈስ ቅዱስ አሐዱ አምላክ ኣሜን። ብናይ ኤርትራ ኦርቶዶክስ ቤተክርስትያን ሕግን ስርዓትን ሓልዩ ብቤ/ት/ስ/ኮ/ገ/ኣ/ገ/መ/ቅዱስ ቤተክርስትያን ገጀረት ዝተዳለወ መዝሙር። ነዚ ስራሕዚ ክውን ንክኸውን ንዝተሓጋገዙ ብሰም እግዚኣብ…
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  1. – continuation – Any one under a pile of religion can not know God exactly
    because they are trapped by their religion. All orthodox church leaders
    defend their religion rather than God’s word when ever they try to answer
    questions . They read the gospel but what they do is against the gospel . –
    I heard in a DVD Memhir Ghirma saying ” in the name of st. Mary ” when they
    were trying to heal a sick by prayer , which is a shame “NO OTHER NAME IS
    GIVEN OTHER THAN JESUS ” – The angel says

  2. religion means EMNET ,AND the church the body OF CHRIST.So the church comes
    together to worship in CHRIST’S body .that’s the whole meaning of a
    church.So r u telling us don’t come in to Christ’s body? I am sure u didn’t
    any of your own words.And menafique IS WHAT THE BIBLE CALLS FOR THOSE WHO

  3. Beloved ones all of you in this page let as pray together for reformation (
    tehadiso ) rather than defending our wrong practices

  4. you said one funny thing at last, ” I am orthodox” plz tell me what makes
    you say that ? which of the church’s teaching you accept ? would it not be
    easy with your all mentioned theological stand to call your self ” I am
    protestant” you say don’t comment on person but rather on the words of God
    do you think you are the first one we have to deal with ..we know all you
    guys from the 90th in Asmara till here in US or Europe

  5. @ Aman. Mattw 10:40-42. lets taste what you understand. you said the verse
    refers to the 12 disciplines only . If so why is there …a prophet as a
    prophet…a righteous person as a righteous person…refers..coz in no. 42
    it adds.. to one of these little ones who is my disciple. You make a fatal
    mistake in interpretation. If your inference was to be applied to the whole
    bible there would have been no baptism these days. Coz lord said.Mttw.
    28:19 “..go and make disciples of all nations”

  6. Dani 10:40 is for any one who is dedicated in preaching the good news and
    serving God accordingly . receive them and help them with food , drink and
    clothing . When ever they approach you. Honour and respect them when they
    are with you But you don’t have to serve them after their death with zikir
    , tsebel , tabbot, celebrating their beaal , praying to them or through
    them prayers etc these practices are the wrong interpretations . Tabbot is
    installed in their names and are worshiped, be

  7. Dani On God’s sake i ask you to focus on God’ word not on religions . To
    defend God’s word not not you religion . On God’s sake . L please don’t go
    away from the scriptures . Thanks

  8. @ Aman unless you clearly understand what is the definition of worship is
    in orthodox context. This conversation is not going any where.

  9. There is a perfect definition is worship in Luke 4: 5–8 Acts 10:25
    Revelation19: 9–10 Revelation 22: 8 – 9 Fell down at his feet Bow down at
    his feet Kneel down at his feet But in the above four verses worshiping of
    the saints was strictly condemned by words stop it , don’t do it , stand up
    , don’t do that . But orthodox never listen to God’s word

  10. The saints themselves says ” don’t worship as , don’t do it , stop it , we
    are servants of God , we are humans worship God only !” at acts 10:25
    ,revelation 19:10 , revelation 22:9and Luke 4:8 But Satan is persuading the
    orthodox church to worship and serve creatures and they try to defend the
    wrong faiths by saying ” we are Honouring or respecting . But it is a
    complete worship .

  11. whom I chose because he kept My commandments and My statutes” (1Kin.11:
    31,32,34). In one chapter the Lord repeats the phrase ‘for the sake of My
    servant David” three times. That is why the Psalmist prayed to Him, saying:
    “For Your servant David’s sake, do not turn away the face of Your Anointed”
    (Ps. 132: 10).

  12. “…the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp,
    and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints”
    (Rev.5: 8). This is proof that they know the prayers which they ascend to
    God. “Thus says the Lord God of your father David: Because you have not
    walked in the ways of Jehoshaphat your father, or in the ways of Asa king
    of Judah, but have walked in the way of the kings of Israel… the Lord will
    strike your people” (2Chr.21: 12-14).

  13. The angel warns the orthodox church !!! ” don’t do it !!! stop it !!! I am
    servant of God ….. Worship God “. Revelation 19:10=- and 22:9 =- remember
    worship includes bow down , singing sing , praying , using creatures as
    wahis and tebeka , using tsebel of creatures for healing , using pictures
    for worship , observing beaalat and zikir using different tabbots for

  14. St Peter warns the orthodox church on it’s wrong worship at acts 10 :25 =-
    saying . ” Stop it ! stand up ! Don’t worship me ! I am just a man
    “remember worship includes :- bow down , praying , singing song , using
    pictures and tabbot , using tsebel for healing , using creatures as wahis
    and tebeka , using candles for worship , preparing food and drink (zikir) .
    Doing these for another names creatures , saints are works of the great
    Babylon ( false religion )

  15. Jesus Christ warns the orthodox Church ! Saying ” worship and serve God
    only “at Luke 4:8 . As the orthodox church is worshiping creatures by :-
    Bowing down , prayers , using their pictures and their tabbots , using
    their tsebel for healing , using them as wahis and tebeka , using them as
    guarantee for heaven . All this are tricks of Satan the devil and are works
    of the great Babylon . And the satan cheats the people saying ” we are not
    worshiping them but honouring And respecting . But it i

  16. What makes orthodox holly if they reject the holly word of God the gospel
    of Christ listed below . It is difficult to say orthodox is a Christian
    Church . God never say come through my mother , or through my saints or
    angels . He says come to me directly , No other way , no other name, no
    other gospel, no other saviour . Dani the orthodox church is in a complete
    darkness . There is no holiness by rejecting the holy word of God !

  17. zmarie melaekt yesmealna bkrstos yehwat abunegebremenfeskdus gejeret amlak
    mahberna ybarik ztereren ztegageyen nab ldu ymleselna amen

  18. Kisab meaas niegziabiher tikawemueo alekin . Mezmur Wudassiye , sigdet
    amliko nifetari tiray eyu zigibbae .
    ” niegziabiher tiray siged
    ” niegziabiher tiray agelgil”
    Kaliee sim syteeshnen “

  19. Worship and serve God only
    mezmur Wudassiye ,
    Sigdet amliko
    Tselot mahliyet
    Zikir beaalat nigdet
    tsebel mistay wey milkay
    Sieeli misli mitkam
    Nai amliko tegbaratka eyuom
    No other name
    No other way
    no other gospel
    No other saviour
    No other hope


  20. Dear aman i don’t know what your problem is with the orthodox church but if
    you know the bible you should know that you shouldn’t judge anyone. and if
    any orthodox person told you that they worship creatures i can assure you
    that the person doesn’t have knowledge or he or she isn’t orthodox
    believer. and for the bowing God knows your heart and mind. and for the
    tabot moses himself was told to put it in the most respected and holiest
    place he could, and on top of that he put statue of an angel , so dont say
    that we are who first started doing it or that moses was wrong. i also
    would like to tell you that the God that moses worshiped is the same one we
    are worshiping till this day and we will till the end of the time.

    finally as a christian brother pleas consider what you comment and don’t be
    quick to judge. 

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