New Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo mezmur by Gemena drama artist Meseret Mebrate.
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  • seni welde 4 years ago

    Kerstos fikir new

  • Eshetu Tadesse 4 years ago

    Yes kristos Fikir new…Fikir demo yashenefal…Kristos hoy be mehereteh

  • amare z fasil 4 years ago

    yes kirstos is fikir for his followers thankyou messie

  • hidani20267 4 years ago

    God bless you

  • T. Hailemariam 4 years ago

    What a “kisara” She just read a great poem on our Lord and Savior Jesus
    Christ only to glorify Mary who is a hundred percent human. God does not
    share his divine attributes with any one. If Mary were alive today, no
    doubt that she would rebuke these cult followers. Well, I don’t blame the
    singer. Centuries of misinformation and misrepresentation by self serving
    priests is to blame.

  • Te eri 4 years ago

    amen jesus is love, Gad bless you yenie anat!!!!!!!!!!

  • smelka31 4 years ago

    first of all why are u here you are obviously not orthodox. we didnt say
    she is not 100% human we know she is she is just not like us she is the
    choosen one yetekedeseche and second what is the problem glorifying the
    mother of our savior anyway. you can believe what you want but dont com
    here comment nonsense you are infact the misinformed one i feel so sorry
    for you and if you are not orthodox dont listen to this but if you decide
    to listen. then go ahead but dont insult mariam enatachene.

  • 12328532 4 years ago


  • trhishkeren 4 years ago


  • forlifecontactjesus 4 years ago

    Her poem represents millions of Ethiopian.orthodox belivers of
    understanding the gospel. Unless the holy spirit revealed the truth that
    Jesus the one who is humble enough to live like a servant and die for us is
    willing to listen our prayer today they look some one like Mary to contact
    him. Please donot.put Jesus on the judgment seat befor the end of the
    world. Now he is between us and God the father after the judgment day back
    to his position befor Geniuses 1:1. Not now! Read the Gospel

  • Nardos Nardi 4 years ago

    God Bless U Mesi

  • T. Hailemariam 4 years ago

    If you notice, the lyric says “banchi milja sew hognalehuna” what part of
    the bible says that she can mediate on behalf of your soul? The only
    advocate who has the merit to mediate on our behalf is the one and only one
    who is seated on the right hand of his father the Lord of Lords and King of
    Kings our savior Jesus Christ. The poem that the singer read is pretty much
    in line with the scripture. But the song that followed was blasphemy. We
    respect and love Mary but are not to worship her.

  • Fikir Jesus 4 years ago

    Very true, dear Ethio Pilot, Stay Blessed. :)

  • isayas gerekidan 4 years ago

    it is interesting

  • yanub asrat 4 years ago

    Wow Mesi so impressive!!! ye Emebete bereket hulem baleshbet ytebksh! awo,
    betewahdo bet me’adu mulu new!!! beteley degmo Mirtnsh manm yelelew liyu
    yedmts kana alat, anch degmo yann….. lemehonu zemari nebersh ende? adera
    astemrbet bemerkebe bey!!! enante ye Ethiopia utopia liyu enkuwoch nachihu!
    Egzi’abher kenante gar Yhun!!!

  • muluhiwot 4 years ago

    @ Ethio Pilot You need to know the difference between misgana and
    amlikot… before you jump to conclusion to say we are worshiping the
    blessed virgin Mary.

  • Lam rof 4 years ago

    ሰምቼ የማልጠግባት እንስት።

  • getahun man 4 years ago


  • lema don 4 years ago
  • Sara Gatchw 4 years ago

    amen amen