New Ethiopian Orthodox Preaching እንድረስላቸው

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  1. May God Bless you we must pray and be friendly as we welcome them at the begining than any other country. they came to the enciant christan country ( ETHIOPIA) the people we beleved in Trinity , in addition there are so many testimonies are in there Kuran (Quran) about us about Ethiopia … But this the time to see so many differences… Becase it is retten at the END …..

  2. what i know Muslim is fake cause why do they kill people that is one and another one is they don’t like Christan.we need to love any kind of people but they teach there kids to hate people.what i know orthodox is true .

  3. I’m so lucky to be born in a family of Ethiopian orthodox ,i really feel so happy cause of that.what i know Arabs they have been killing people and they started slavery fuck Muslim and Arabs.

  4. egizeabeher yibarikih kalehiwet yesemalin egizeabehe betekirstanachin endenezi sebakiyan taweta zib hulachin entseliy egizeabeher betekirstanachin kehulum yitebkat

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