New Ethiopian Orthodox music Mezmur by Mhoamud Ahmed.
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  • aszx290 4 years ago

    zemare melaekten yasemalen lante yederese egziyabher amelake leahezab hulu
    yedereselachew.Azeb ke saudi

  • wesengima 4 years ago

    Stavanger teenager Solange….sonar melatonin yasemalin

  • Banny love 4 years ago

    i am Grateful for God

  • tewahedo hayemanotea 4 years ago

    Zemarea melaket yasemalen

  • Zimare melaekit yasemalin

  • Teshager Admasu 4 years ago

    I Love you. Let my kind and affectionate greeting to you All Christians and
    you all have presented this tender song.

  • tesfadink 4 years ago

    God bless you metadel new yihe

  • meseretuae23 4 years ago

    God belss u

  • tame349 4 years ago

    Stay in these side only,please don’t mix other.God bless you!!!!

  • lemlemseyoum22 4 years ago

    God bless you

  • lemlemseyoum22 4 years ago

    God bless your heart sir

  • waffiki 4 years ago

    so soothing, so beautiful, a soul-searching moment, thank-you so much
    Mhamud Ahmed God bless you more and more.

  • waffiki 4 years ago

    where can i get the dvd?

  • Danny Gebreab 4 years ago

    god bless you and ho lisen to this

  • koko nana 4 years ago

    god bless you mhoamed !

  • Solomon Leul 4 years ago

    Glory be to almighty God for bringing our Famous Mohmud in to his kingdom.

  • beza abebe 4 years ago

    Ibalih mehamud iske ftsame hiywetih ketilibet amlak yirdah

  • wissamelhoujeiri 4 years ago

    waw waw mhomude E/r yezelalem heioten yadelek

  • Fasika Zewdie 4 years ago

    God blesse you mhoamud

  • Tutu Al 4 years ago

    OMG endat dess yilal Egzabiher kenga gar new gena bezu enayalen!! zemare
    melak yasemalen

  • aphraem Menalikii 4 years ago

    New Ethiopian Orthodox music Mezmur by Mhoamud Ahmed aphraem1

  • Laurence0227 4 years ago

    there is Ethiopian Orthodox Christian whose name is Mohammad??

  • maxi mumms ye 3 years ago


  • zellekeweinu 3 years ago

    god bless you

  • gossiet B 3 years ago

    (@Laurence0227) there are a lot of Christians called Mohamed, ahmed, Yesuf,
    yasin many more…… what is the problem?