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  1. it basically tells the story of St. Marry’s annunciation selam leki (peace
    be with you) it was heard the angels voice was heard saying peace be with
    you Gabriel’s voice was heard …….i hope this helps

  2. ዝማሬ መላእክትን ያሰማልን ++++++ ሰላም ለኪ እንዘ ንሰግድ ንብ ለኪ ማርያም እምነ ናስተበቁዓኪ

  3. We have coexisted with Muslims for centuries. Traditional Muslims in
    Ethiopia use sharia laws as long as it doesn’t go against the criminal laws
    and the constitution of the country. To elaborate, they use to settle
    arguments, divorces and etc… but they don’t use it to stone people, wage
    jihad or cut limbs off people.

  4. As for your statement on “ignorant” people killing each other every day,
    far more people have died and still do die by the hands of westerners than
    by the hands of Ethiopian Orthodoxs. The real shame is your hasty

  5. the orthodox existed before any western church i think the west needs the
    ethiopian church but all you will do is distort and turn into a mafia
    vatican type of organisation

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