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  1. Extraordinary, so captivating…. Emebeten lemenwedat hulu egziabher
    yemesgen we have got this beautiful mezmur and a blessed brother/sister who
    is sharing.

  2. betam enwedhalen mezmurh ybarkal egzabher abzto tsegawn yabzalh edmeana
    tenam enmegnlh alen zmare melakt yasemaln begugt entebqkh alen berta

  3. Mazmure talk about all saints so I recommend those who don’t like it that
    please show respect for God

  4. yonas chernet…..kidusann akeberk/amesegen malet kirstosn amesegenk
    new…kidusan kibrachewm migbarachewm kekirstos bekrstos silehone new..

  5. I keep on crying every time I listen to this mezmur b/c I don`t have enough
    words to thank st.mary for all her blessings.ZEMARE MELAKTINE YASEMALINE.

  6. Tis beautiful, I feel this is dedicated to mother Mary. I am from new
    Orleans. I woke up hearing this song, its on my favorites. Could some one
    post the words in English and Amharic for me. blessed love, I thank you,
    for all and this post.

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