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  1. I have always loved these kinds of mezmurs u know those we sing in the bus
    when going to GEDAMAT….. oh just can’t stop listening! can’t stop smiling

  2. Yidanal yamana zamari malaktin yasamalan DINGAL MARIYAM bamaljiwa
    atalayan.yagalgaloot zamanah sa’uud

  3. ellelelelelelelelelelelelelelelel eydane hade wede batu 2x kibrena misgana
    likidusan semaytat yhun elelelelelelelelelelelelelelkiber lenata lekideste
    kidusan kidane miheret yhunlegn

  4. Everytime when I hear this mezmur I feel something deep in my heart god
    bless ethiopia orthodox tewahido church and beleaf.

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