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  1. I love this mezemur it touchdown my heart every day! you are blessed but i
    like to say that may god bless you. Amen.

  2. zerfe you may have given some thing from your GOD befor you are in the hand
    of this world and so you have to keep it again and you may be on the way of
    our tewahdo church and keep it well i may not have evidence to this mezmur
    to say best but it is some execellent well and my GOD bless you zerfe

  3. to all teanhdo church this is the best love discrpion to our GOD that comes
    from zerfe but this may have given from her GOD befor all she is in the way
    of her GODs hand to this world rathe than to this new world so we have to
    say hello and be the suporter of all what we love ok all chirstiyan

  4. i love this mezmur.i have not enough word to express my feeling while
    listening this mezmur every day.may god keep you.amen

  5. What a beautiful and uplifting spiritual song. I was listening to this
    beautiful spiritual song the last three days,and never get tired of it.
    Zerfe may God bless you and keep up the good job. In addition,God bless
    Selamros for uploading this magnificent mezmur.

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