This is a new Ethiopian Orthodox mezmur by Zemarit fikrte feleke. please comment and like the video. Please subscribe to my channel to receive new videos.
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  • kiduel 6 years ago

    great mezmurrr…mehalu baynegerm , bale re’y teresto aykermm

  • Ethiopianorthodox1 5 years ago

    awo mekeram binor balerahi teresto ayqerm

  • 100Greatfaith 5 years ago

    it is wonder full ,D/N BEDASHAW kesebekew gare ande new mehalu ayengerm kemilew gare,

  • Moges Ashagrie 5 years ago

    this year every song is fukera ? What is going on?

  • Senait Eshete 5 years ago

    O my god I love it

  • AmharicTutorials 5 years ago

    yeppp. thats the point. Lets not forget the truthh