This is a new Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur by Zemari Trhas. Please listen to it carefully, and do not hesitate to write your comments or to like the video.
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  • Enuyeprince 5 years ago

    As long as there is Jesus by our side, nothing is impossible to overcome.
    The strength in Temar is very admirable. Thank you, Kiduel for sharing, and
    God bless you. Zimaren kalehiwote yasemalin!

  • alrx gebar 5 years ago

    zmare melaekt yesmealna tgegan bereket egziabiher amlak ybzehalkum.

  • danielharg 5 years ago

    God bless you great video

  • Getoff Tesfaye 5 years ago

    nice mezmur! may God bleess u.

  • tinabub 5 years ago

    Love it

  • Demeyesus Adane 5 years ago

    ቃለ ህይወትን ያሰማልን ለዘማሪዎቹ

  • sarakidane2 5 years ago

    zmare melakt yasemalin amlak abewine xega ena bereket yebzelinnnnnnn

  • chernetsofoniyas 5 years ago

    kale hywet yasemachuh

  • 100Greatfaith 5 years ago

    Qale Hiwot Yasemalenlezemariwochu

  • llyyn28 4 years ago

    Kale heiwet yasemalen !!!

  • elsa chaklie 4 years ago

    zemara melakt yasemaln

  • yoni habibi 4 years ago

    it’s amassing lovely song

  • Me Shikor 4 years ago

    I cried listing to this mezmur, its really touchy. Thank you for
    sharing.Zemare melakit yasmaling le zamrochu

  • 100Greatfaith 4 years ago

    Egziabeher yebarekachehu for sharing bewenet leb yemineka Zemare new

  • efrem samuel 4 years ago

    God bless u

  • eagle4452 4 years ago

    thanks kiduel to post thie mezmur i know the story Abiselom kiled his
    brother for doing that sin to his sister finly David forgive him and let
    him comeback to his cuntry , the story end the handsome Sbiselom turen
    agins his father Davide sad story. I recomand to people who love God to
    read the story of David and his Love and worship to his Lord all his life
    ……..i pray psalms daily and i feel David was filled with holy ghost ..

  • yedideya 4 years ago

    አሪፍ ዝማሬ ተባረኩ

  • zenaselam 4 years ago

    zmare melaektun yasemaln

  • selam ahlam 4 years ago

    Betam des yemil mezmur Egziabher ybarkach..zemarian..wendmachu ke eritrean.

  • salmacutie39 4 years ago

    ******Endet Senbtek Lij Amenon Hazen Kebokal Bezi Semonun Sheshitokal
    Kefite Desta Selam…………………..(2) Betam Libe Yemineka Mezmur
    Zemari Melaktin Yasemalen Mengiste Semayatan Yawursilin Egziabeher Abzito
    Yibarekchu Amen Amen3 selamawit from Jordan!

  • rahel okbay 4 years ago

    tawkewalch eswa yelben

  • aydajon89 4 years ago

    Zemary melaekt yasemalen

  • Ethiopia Guto 3 years ago

    zemarit trhas g/egziabher

  • Belay Bb 3 years ago

    Zemara melakt ysmalen

  • Menbere Zewge 3 years ago

    Zmari melakt yasemaln E/r tsagewn yebzelachiw