New Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur By Zemari Habtamu Shibru ኢትዮጵያ ቀኑ ጨለመባት

ፕኦለቲካን እና ሃይማኖትን መቀላቀል መልካምምግባር ባይሆንም የሚታየንን ነገር በእንባ ስለሆነብን ነገር ወደ እግዚአብሔር ማመልከት ፍጹም ክርስትያናዊ ስነምግባር ነው ካዘኑት ጋራ ማዘን ካለቀሱትም ጋራ ማልቀስም እንዲሁ አምላካችን መድሐኒታችን ኢየሱስ …
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  1. befsum kenu ayichelmbnm kezemenat befit bzu mrt sewochi ethiopiya atalechi gn kenu alchelemebatm !!! mknyatum e/abher  ke ETHIOPIYA GAR NEW !!!!!

  2. A new day has come for us, for most of Ethiopians, who beleive in Him, The Almighty. He will let us down, will never happen in our history. I am in doubt about this zemari if he really beleives in Him.

  3. Sad religion use as propoganda. Ethiopia kenu alchelemebatin.
    Atleat as a Orthodox zemari, you seen WALDBA exit forever, and “where are who want to destroy it.” Telemenu telemenu,…….. alsemam alu….
    Inesun yikr yibelachew ignanm kezih yisewren.

  4. You are one of the most ” weradas ” zemari the ethiopian orthodox church has ever produced ! what a shame… I hope you come to America, you going to get your ass whipped !!

  5. you are so stupid are u orthodox …………… don’t think to feed your stomach before that God is the first

  6. I always say Religion is poletics. If ardent believer do this, I just don’t need any more proof. Ethiopian orthodox=Meles orthodox

  7. who is narrow you or this fucken singer
    i think both of you narrow mind
    we are christian you believe or not that your business but i told you z trues he is absolutely devil he is selfish he like more than GOD his stomach he doesn’t have any knowledge about bible GENERALLY he not representing orthodox Church by z way u can help him for other one song by kill someone in your party i mean eprdf
    please stay away our blessing church please
    rekesachu atarekesat betekereseteyanane

  8. in the name of Jesus….Ethiopia kene alechlemebatem……God is the leader…..not a human being to go sorrow when they are gonna

  9. I was actually born after derg left so I’m not supporter at all. This is about religion not politics. if you like your leader zefanlate but mezmure gen legatachen becha nawe

  10. Ere wadate wadate sewn men nekawe ?
    Ethiopia@ orthodox lezlaleme bebrahan
    Tnoralch gdamaten yafrsu gen ya mote. Mote.
    Imotalu tale me ;this song mezmur or propaganda

  11. ከአንተ የሚጠበቀውን ነው ያደረከው!በዚህ ጨቅላ ጭንቅላትህ ይህንን ካልሆነ ሌላ ልታስብ አለመቻልህን አሳውቀህናል፡፡ጌታ መሃሪ ነውና ይማርህ፡፡

  12. ዘማሪ ሀብታሙ ሽብሩ መዝሙሩና አገልግሎቱ እንዳለ ሆኖ እኔ በኦርቶዶክስነቴ በጣም ያሳዘነኝ፣ አንገቴን ያስደፋኝ ኢትዮዽያ አበቃላት የሚለው መዝሙር ከአንድ ዘማሪና አገልጋይ ስሰማ በጣም ነው የአሳዘነኝ።ኢትዮዽያ በየገዳሙና በየአድባራቱ ስንት የበቁ አባቶች እያሏት ስንት በአለም ላይ ኢትዮዽያዊያን ልጆቻቸዉን እያገለገሉ ያሉ አባቶች ተረስተው ኢትዮዽያ አበቃላት የሚለው መዝሙር አሳፋሪ ነው።ደግሞ ኢትዮዽያ በሀገርም ሆነ በአለም ላይ ስንት የተማሩ ልጆች ያሏት ሀገር ናት። ለአንተ አብቅቶልህ ካልሆነ ኢትዮዽያ ለዘላለም ትኖራለች ፣ እጆቿንም ወደ እግዚአብሔር ትዘረጋለች አሜን፦፦፦፦

  13. sham sham sham…. since i started to read the bible i find out ther is lot lot fike people in the lord house”…you know them by their fruit ..Matthew 7:16.”. …this 2 died people did not know the Lord…!!! may the lord forgive you and open your eye to understand his world.”.የአምልኮት መልክ አላቸው ኃይሉን ግን ክደዋል፤ ከእነዚህ ደግሞ ራቅ።..2ኛ ወደ ጢሞቴዎስ 3:5

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