New Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur by Mohamud Ahmed (Habtewold ) ሆነ ደስታ

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  1. wow! WONDERFUL ZMY i love it Thank you so much for sharing Danielharg
    Yom Fesha Kone Be’ente Ldeta Le MARIAM Elelelellelelellelelelelellelelllllllll

  2. መድኅኔ ዓለም ቸር ነገር ያሰማችሁ! (የምስጋና መልዕክቱ፣ ለዘማሪውም፣ ለተቀባዮቹና ለአቅራቢውም ነው።) 

  3. What a blessing. From all the singers he the convert to Christianity sings for DIngil Mariam 🙂 What a beautiful thing. May God continue to bless him

  4. i was so happy when i know that the singer is Mohammed ,
    what a lovely and beautiful mezmur . God bless u more and more!!!!!!! 

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