New Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur by diaqon Hawaz (Kibrhin say)

I really love this mezmur. The more you listen to it the more you love it. I hope you love the video too. Please subscribe to my channel to receive new video…
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  1. @ kiduel God bless u for sharing ቢበረታም ግፍ መከራው አይነቅለኝም ከተራራው አሜን እስከ ዘላለም
    በታቦር ያቆየን

  2. I am from South America, can someone tell me what is mezmur? Also, why does
    the Ethiopian orthodox portray so many images of Jesus and Mary being
    white, are they white?

  3. I agree kiduel u r the best. Thank u for sharing all the mezmurs u posted
    to date..I didn’t even know we had this much mezemrans in Orthodox till I
    started watching this website. God bless u for sharing and the mezemrans
    for teahing us through their mezmurs.

  4. PPl please stop clicking on dislike it is mezmure. Even if u don’t like it
    keep it to urselves. Respect!!!!!!!!!

  5. I real see what Jesus Christ did for me in this spiritual song Please don’t
    dislike it what ever u feel . It is mazmure God bless all Ethiopia

  6. I am not sure but I think Jesus is from Israel therefore his skin should be
    white. If somebody has any proof, please let me kow. Any ways I like this

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