New Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur by Artist Meseret Mebrate ስምሽን ለ ልጅ ልጅ

ገዳሙን በ ግልም ሆነ በማህበር ለመጎብኘት እና አስፈላጊዉን ማስረጃ ለማግኘት አድራሻችንን የአቡነ መልከጸዲቅ ገዳም ልማት አና እድሳት ኮሚቴ አድዲስ አበባ 0911 15 83 63/ 0911 10 65 10 / 0911 43 60 70 ገዳሙ በልማት እራሱን …
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  1. always i feel that you are so peaceful. i don’t know why… but yemariyam menfes bewstish endale betam yastawik neber!
    tebareki yene qonjo.

  2. mesey you are always successeful in eveything god less you , i saw your interview in tv ,you stared in church and you grew up in church like mezmuran , now i hear great voice for you . i hope to contiue like this mezmur .praise to be god

  3. The name of our LORD JESUS CHRIST alone is the highest name to be called.God is spirit and worship Him in spirit and truth.hoping to see you one day because i live in usa now.

  4. Good job mese spicaly your vocie its realy wonderful i like u from the beging keep it up just be senger for church i know you said one time in interview you gono be zemarti

  5. Messi you have an amusing voice! also it seems to me that you have a good experiance of singing a Church songs b/ce we found you with an exellent Yaredawi Zema. God bless your future !Nice Actress!

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