New Ethiopian Orthodox የ 666 መንፈስ ያደረበት ሰው የሰጠው ምስክርነት

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  1. እግዚአብሔር፡በቸርነቶ፡ይባርካችሁ።ይህ፡አይደረግም፡ቡለው፡የሚጠራጠሩ፡ስላሉ፡ብሎም፡ዘመኑ፡የስልጣኔ፡ነው፡በማለት፡የእጽ፣የታቱና፡የግብረ፡ሰዶም፡ምርኮኞችን፡የዲንግል፡ልጅ፡አጋንንትን፡ከሰዎች፡አውጥቶ፡ወደ፡እርያዎቹ፡እንደአባረራቸው፡አሁንም፡እሱስራውን፡ይስራ፡ሳሕሊነነ፡ቅድስት፡!!!!!!!!

  2. እንደዚህ በኅጥያት ቆሽሸን እንኩዋን የማይፀየፈን አምላክ ፍቅሩ ምነኛ የበዛ ነው? ተነግሮ ስለማያልቀው ምህረቱ ቸሩ እግዚአብሔር የተመሰገነ ይሁን:: ሁላችንንም ከፈተና ይጠብቀን!

  3. @tsegirma80 What made you say it is a propaganda? What evidence or proof do you have to prove your point. Can you show us any proof you have via you tube? Thank you

  4. @tsegirma80 What are you trying to insinuate here? Are you implying that miracles don’t happen or you don’t believe in miracles? If that is what you implied then you wasted your mind watching the video. Obviously, you are not even a true follower, you very much sound like a protestant. You will need to be prayed for to have a miracle to change your cynical mindset.

  5. can u provide any evidence ? u are the one who need to proof all this . then u can ask those who don’t belive . so what is ur proof for all this ? what this guy says need to be proofed don’t u think? if so where is the proof? it is a propoganda until u guys can proof this. show the evidence then make us belive . use ur mind and think for ur self well i guess u can’t ..if u are one of the religion follower than the chance is less for u think.

  6. What more evidence do you need more than watching the video with your naked eye? Why should the burden of proof be on the believers? Who should seek a doctor’s help- a sick person ? or a healthy person? If you are this much skeptical, why don’t you go there yourself and find more proof or even better have some miracles which you can share on you tube. I pray you don’t fall pray to the fear of being proven wrong and sheer arrogance and God help you from being devoured by the devil.

  7. r u serious u call this evidence? just b/c he gave testimony to the religious leaders, that’s enough evidence for u to believe for any crap that backed up by religious leaders. wake up my friend religious isn’t what u think of it as long as u sweem in that pool u’ll never know the true . religion is the best propoganda tool ever known ..does that mean there is no such thing ,thing like what this guy tells ? of course there are many believe me i know thing like this goin

  8. So the guy who knew Satan well and has been freed form it, why does he need to go to America instead of teaching hope and eternal life in refugee camp.
    In reality it is difficult to call that place a refugee camp. Real and working Ethipians are not even allowed to live a life like that such as eating good injera or building houses, farming land or securing a cemetery for their  loved ones.

  9. why is every body posting a negative comment? this is sooo true and we need to learn from it we don’t need no more evidence it is all written on the bible when the end of earth is near people wont believe what they see in there eyes let god have Marcy on all of us lehulachehum lalamenachehu hulu lebona yesetachehu

  10. plz habashans lets get a long plz life is to short lets stop doing the devil work and jest one another, stop saying ur eritrean, or ur ethiopian wre one wre the same lets move forword plz!!

  11. Hayalu Geta, Mottin Dill Yadderegew, Yeggetochu Hull Getta MedhaneAlem Kristos Eyesus Enkwan Nessa Yawettah. Kibbru Hullu LeEgziabher Ammlak Yehunn!!

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