tewahdo mezmur.
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  • mestawot tsegaye 4 years ago

    Great musmur

  • urgosasay 4 years ago

    Zemari malaktin yasemalin

  • haregewoyine 4 years ago

    Zimare Melakt yasemalin

  • metena mensa 4 years ago

    zemaria melakitin yasemalin dingil mariyame titebikilin amen.

  • tewahedo hayemanotea 3 years ago

    kale heyewet yasemalen…..Amen

  • kalkidan woubshet 3 years ago

    አጥንትን የሚያለመልም የመላዕክት ዝማሬን ያሰማልን እግዚአብሔር ያገልግሎት ዘመንህን ይባርክ!! አሜን!!!!!