Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur Ale Be Zufanu – Zerfe, Kesis Tizitaw, Mirtinesh

Kesis Zemari Tizitaw Samuel, Zemarit Zerfe Kebede, Zemarit Mirtinsh Tilahun. Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo mezmur.
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  1. it’s just wooow menfes emimark mezmur new meliektun lib blo ladamete beta
    gerum yehone meliekt new. EGZIHABHER AMLAK yibarkachihu edmena tena seto ye
    agelglot zemenachihun yarzmlachihu. zimare MELAIKTN yasemaln

  2. Why can’t ppl just listen to the words and the mezmure. Stop complaining
    about the pics. The message is in the mezmure. Pic seteketatelu meleketune

  3. Amlak yferd u ayferden ay tbelu amlak zmare melaekti ztkebel zmarekum
    ykebelelkum amennnnnnnnnnn

  4. my heart melts hearing this lovely spiritual song. God bless you mezemaran.
    zimare Melaikit yasemalin

  5. i am eritrean but i love ethiopean orthdox mezmur specially that new
    mezmur may GOD bless u for everlasting.

  6. The prophets were Jews and Jews are kind of white. It doesn’t matter anyway
    if you listen to the music is enough. I love it God bless you

  7. but why not use what our church uses are yu not proud of that i do not
    believe marry or jesus wer whites i believe they wer of black skined if yu
    ask me why do i care have yu ever seen europeans using black marry thats no
    because they want to look like marry or jesus…………..

  8. but they will never use ours i have never seen them use ours so we sud do
    the same and premote ours thats all am saying

  9. This theory has been debunked. However, it is possible that early Jews
    included some black converts. Most likely the first ethnic jews looked like
    the modern day Syriacs or some other Simitic ethnic group. May the Lord our
    God bless you!

  10. My brother I am in Jerusalem now, send me a PM in one month, so that I will
    give you the right sources. I neither believe Jesus Chist was white.
    However it does not really matter, for Christ is God and he has no single
    ethniticity, he represents the whole human race. It is however impossible
    to track down the exact ethniticity of the first Jews, but it is more
    likely they where coloured, not white, not black. Simple googeling will get
    you very far. Still, PM me I will answer you in one month.Ok?

  11. The song is good. The lyrics are choke full of errors. “Niguse” is written
    with Nigussu “se,” not Isatu “se”. That is Hoheyat. At 1:28 appears the
    word “bitichew”??? There is no such word. It was meant to be “bitichoh”.
    That is the right spelling. There are other errors. At 1:26 “dejachu”.
    Should be “dejachuh”. I lost count. Please pass it by an editor before you
    perpetuate a corrupted language.

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