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  1. Thanks for this song. Love it. I just returned from mother land Ethiopia
    and i am so unhappy to be back. I shall belt-up!! I know the Lord will be
    with me as he has always been. May the Lord be with you where ever you are,
    whether ‘besedet lay’ or ‘hager bet’!!!

  2. እያስተማረኝ የምስጋና ዜማ፣ ስለት ፀሎቴን ዘወትር እየሰማ፤ ከኔ ጋራ ነው በመውጣት መግባቴ፣ የአባቶቼ አምላክ ይክበር
    መድሐኒቴ፣ የአባቶቼ አምላክ ይክበር መድሐኒቴ።

  3. God bellsing you…..lik yenen tarik new yalkew….geta hulem kenegar
    new….ahunim ayileyegn…amen tebarek kale hiywet yasemak

  4. Spiritual Mezmur that i love very much.This mezmur fills me with joy and
    made me remember God every day and his Good deeds for mankind.

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