Diakon Tiztaw Samuel Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur 2013 Misgana New Seraye.
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  • nunu dada 4 years ago

    love it!!!

  • shegaw workye 4 years ago

    more love it!!

  • Masterflash112 4 years ago

    God bless yoy

  • zenshe able 4 years ago

    birka.zegizabher ybark

  • Haimanot Fantaw 4 years ago

    Amen kibr misgana lezelalem yigebaw! Zemare melaeketin yasemalen!

  • Walelegn Bekele Adane 4 years ago


  • Yohanes Gebar 4 years ago

    God bless you

  • Gera Tesfazghi 4 years ago

    god bless u

  • Sara Hana 4 years ago


  • Sara Hana 4 years ago


  • tefera tesfaye 4 years ago

    e/r regim edime yislign!!!!!!!! kale hiwot yasemalin

  • Hiwot Fikre 4 years ago

    betame wostane emenka mzmore…batsbame slmewdwo ,hode ybsnale !!!!!

  • Yideneku Gebremedhin 4 years ago

    My favorite mozmre

  • salmacutie39 4 years ago

    Kalehiwot Yasemalen God Bless u!!

  • goitom fitsum 4 years ago

    kale hiwet yasemaln kee

  • ethio11son 4 years ago

    jesus is not white was not white whats wrong with our church we believe
    that jesus was ethiopian but yet we depict him as european are we saying
    that europeans are now ethiopians is the ethiopia being sold

  • Kides Beruan 4 years ago


  • ayna lem 4 years ago

    Zimare melaekitin yasemalin menigsite sematin yawirsilin egizabiher
    yageliglot zemenihin yarizmilin

  • bajoentucara 4 years ago

    you are right, white washed images of Iyesus Kristos infiltrated in the
    Ethiopian church, that’s a shame.i’m writing you from Romania,Europe.the
    truth is the truth.yet,we must still give thanks for the wonderful
    interpretation of the mezmur,the spirit is there but the images are
    wrong.and for the future argument that “the color doesent matter” then
    don’t put up a picture at all,but if you want to paint a picture,paint
    right,in truth.Selamta

  • sunnyB gess 4 years ago

    amazing mezmur gtan mawedes yeghna tegbar mehon alebet god bless each and
    every one in this video, Including awedashu Diakon Tiztaw Samuel.

  • Mebratu Asfaw 3 years ago


  • Desalegn Wolde 3 years ago


  • Belay Bb 3 years ago

    Zemara melaket yasemalen haymanotach enwdataln keber yefefaw legzabhar
    Amennnnnnnn enantm fetary ytbekach Amennnnn

  • sean brown 3 years ago

    god bless the ppl who spreads his word by music

  • SELAM Salam 3 years ago

    Zemare melket yasemalin! !!!!!!!!!!!
    Elelelelelelelelelelelel. …..