Best New Ethiopian Orthodox Mezmur by D/N Ezira Mariamn lemewused anferam

this is the new Mezmur by Ezira haylemikael it’s about our Mother virgin Mary.
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  1. By the grace of God, Mariam was given to St. John [us] at the cross. When i think of her life on earth, all i wanna do is weep…

  2. late me tell u this virgin Mary she has been helping me from day one ,today i’m in the united state cause of her i did not go to united state with visa but i was just using car and boat .i just started from Africa and today i am in the state i have been praying to her every single day she was with me .may she be with all Ethiopian orthodox forever .

  3. These people are responsible for stoning and killing of many perceived gay Ethiopian people. Most of these hard-core followers are welfare recipients living on the backs of US citizens. Please let your congressmen know about this germinating cult ruining our country. The next time, you meet an alleged Ethiopian Orthodox people ask her or him about gays and you can easily see their hate and disgust. As US citizens, do we need to be so tolerant to accommodate these hate-mongers in our country?

  4. This is a cult, which should not be allowed to thrive in the western world. Its hard stance to promoting the stoning of homosexuals, discrimination on women’s right, etc. makes it an abominable and cruel religion to any civilized society. We should bring awareness to US citizens and the western world that there is a whole new group of sharia law sympathizers brewing right under our noses with these so called Ethiopian Orthodox cults. These ignorant people kill each other every day. Shame!

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