Kebena Kidane Mihiret Catholic Church Mezmur Carmel Video Store.
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  • metalizko 5 years ago

    Nice song.
    Somebody could tell me if this video is from Kebena Kebele in Bansa woreda?

  • Catholic Mezmur 5 years ago

    this song is not from Kebena Kebele in Bansa woreda this song is catholic church around kebena aratkilo kidene mihiret catholic church youth chior

  • Michael weldu 4 years ago

    I love Catholic mezmur. Catholic lives forever. no one converted to others
    Amen Amen

  • Michael weldu 4 years ago

    I know very well. this is the orginal Catholic and Apostolic.mezmur
    God Bless Catholic:

  • Michael weldu 4 years ago

    I am very proud when I hear this songs  and my God Bless Catholic and Apostolic church Catholic is the first and the largest christian in the world and very good job and do it continue more and more catholic is Blessed people and they know about Jesus christ No one converted to others religion Catholic lives forever Amen Amen
    thank you my god bless all of you